Category Topics

LESTp - Politics

This forum is for discussions on Australian and World politics - particularly wrt to the Life Extension, Science and Technology Party (Australia) and for other LE-related political topics everywhere.

Medium Posts

These are copies of posts that I have made on - I will get them up-to-date here as I get time.

XR-X Extinction Rebellion Extended

This category is for discussions about the directions that XR is going in and some of my concerns about security in particular - while still being solidly supportive of the aims of XR - it being probably the last best hope we have . .

IT - Information Tech

This category is to allow me talk / complain about all things IT - my stuff:

Health - General

This is a General Health discussion category - I was prompted to create it by fuss about the MyHealth system going live but topics can include anything that is not specifically covered in the other categories.

LEVs - Life Extension Villages

This forum is for discussions for people interested in my Life Extension Villages project:


This category is for general discussion about anything that doesn’t fit into the other categories . .

Phi Rho - Avatar

Over the years I have become interested in the concept of “Mind Uploading”:

CAA - Cryonics Association of Australasia

This forum is for discussion for topics relevant to Cryonics generally but particularly for ones of interest to the Cryonics Association of Australasia.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

NAF - Neural Archives Foundation

This forum is for discussions relevant to the Neural Archives Foundation and its objectives.


This forum is mostly recovered from the Discourse site I had running up untill a server disk head-crash in late 2018. This Discourse is running in a Podman container and is in developer mode for the time being.